Purpose. Truth. Dedication. Commitment.

As a child my father used to say, “move with purpose.” In life, we all have a purpose. Living up to and living out your purpose is ultimately how SkinDeep defines wellness and wants to impact your life.

Often times our journey to wellness becomes clouded with the day-to-day obstacles which can be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, professional, social, and environmental. In this 9 to 5 rat race which really is more like 6 to 11, our wellness suffers in some, if not all areas. We want to be the best to families, jobs, and social groups at all times. If possible, we want to sneak some “me” time in there too…but if and only if EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is taken care of.

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Well just like with plane instructions, “In the event of a crash, please secure your oxygen mask before assisting others.” In life, we often forget to secure our “masks” and as a result, other areas suffer. It is SkinDeep’s vision to create a platform that provides you that security in the areas of fitness and wellness, so you can optimize target areas of your life and specific goals to be the best “YOU”, while achieving and living your purpose.

SkinDeep is dedicated to providing you purposeful activities and knowledge, with accuracy and truth you can count on to simplify this rocky journey called “life.” We are dedicated and committed to your “wellness” and will press on as long as there is a drop of perseverance and faith in you. We commit ourselves to our purpose which is “YOU.” YOU are at the center of why we exist and why we will never quit until the better you is realized. In turn, we ask that you commit and dedicate yourself to your purpose. Pass this concept along to make the bond and chain of humanity stronger!

(I don’t just want you to make it through, I want you to succeed)

Humble Beginning

As the present "me" reflects, I often wish for a time machine to speak to the adolescent, teen, and even at times "young adult me" to have simple conversations that would have made a world of difference. To most things I’d say, “You’ve succeeded against (made it through) worst, and you can continue to overcome.”

As a child I was very insecure, as many of us are, but much of my insecurity stemmed from my physical stature who would have laughed himself into a grave if I were shown a picture of what I look like today. I was overweight in a time where childhood obesity was not the “norm.” I remember having to shop for clothes in the husky section and being extremely embarrassed. I also remember the countless games of shirts and skins, praying I was on the shirts team so that I would not have to “expose” myself.

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Too insecure to talk to anyone about what I was feeling because I just knew they’d laugh at or make fun of me, I made it my personal mission to “fix” me. In this solo journey, I fumbled. A lot! I’d read every health magazine I could get my hands on. I did every 4 minute, 5 minute, 6 minute abs routine that came on TV, and still had a tummy as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I tried every fad diet to “fasting ” (also known as starvation). I ate everything and did every workout my “ripped” friends were doing. Still no luck. I experienced information overload. I would mutter “I wasn’t blessed with those genes” or “who has time for this anyway.” I just knew I was cursed. Until I realized…


The only thing standing in my way was me.

It was more than the way I looked. It was how I felt about myself. The insecurity. The shame. The pride. I was unhappy. I just wasn’t well, and how I chose to handle it only made it worse. In a moment of despair, I shared my battle with a close friend who said, “Sean, you’re like a machine, when you put your mind to things you dissect them and put them back together better than how it was given to you. Go learn and figure it out.” As I thought, it settled in me- COMMIT TO YOUR PURPOSE! The more I meditated the more I realized my purpose wasn’t to have 6-pack abs or be beach body of the year. My purpose was to be the optimal me that I could be.

This became a journey through the mind that transcended the body, but brought the body along with it.

I started at ground zero, which began with me getting out of the way. Like with muscles, breaking myself down so I could be built up strong and better than before. I threw away any sense of pride, shame, or embarrassment. I committed to being the most open, vulnerable me that I could be so that I could take in all that life had to offer. I committed to being a pupil of truth and clarity. With the bombardment of so much information, false information at that, I needed to learn for myself. I needed to learn me, and work worked and what didn’t. I committed to being committed. What I was doing was rocking my world. I would now have knowledge and with knowledge comes the responsibility to act. No longer could I live in my unhealthy, comfortable (but really uncomfortable) ways. Once you know better you do better. Opening that door was committing to a life of always doing better. There is no turning back. In turn, I also know that I have so much more to learn. I committed to being a never-ending seeker of truth. I also committed to bring and touch as many lives as I can through this. This is MY purpose. This is now the path that I’m on.

I became the standard.

I found my security in living out my purpose. I was able to become a better son, a better brother, better in relationships, a better employee, and most importantly better to me!
I redefined what I called life and living. I am no longer bound by any standards of beauty and success. I am only bound my my commitment to constantly seek and live out better healthy life choices that enable me to be the best me I can be.

Finding Your Purpose

I had to take a real hard look at what motivated me to start SkinDeep Fitness. The only answer that I could give was, “I had to!” This passion of mine is not a choice. It is something that burns in me to see others transform their lives in a much healthier way. This is much further reaching than establishing a nutritious diet and getting to the gym because let’s face it. Some of us don’t make it that far.

Young adults using running machine at the fitness club

This is about identifying those obstacles and road blocks in your life that contribute to the often forgotten health effects that can’t just be seen in the mirror. This is so much more than skin deep. Wellness is about a balance and doing the things that you HAVE TO DO to be the best "YOU" and live out your purpose.

I am a big proponent of setting realistic goals! These goals are much more expansive than how many times you make it to the gym in a week or maintaining a certain caloric intake. Could these be a part of those goals? Absolutely!

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However, I believe true success is achieved when your goals are deeply personal and self-rooting to incite commitment and passion. They may range from establishing a balanced work schedule so that you’re able to join your family for dinner to committing to making healthier life decision so that you’re alive to see your children and grandchildren married.

Honestly speaking, I don’t “love” all things healthy, but I do love living out my passions and seeing my purpose fulfilled. Life is short- it leaves little time for regret and little chance for “do overs.” Let’s try to get it right the first time through.

SkinDeep is here to help you uncover and root your passions so that you can grow into a healthy, better YOU.

What is your heart telling you?

After sifting through so much information, and so many “stories” you ask, can I trust SkinDeep? The short answer is yes. We will always present you with strong factual information. Proven, legitimately certified or credentialed professionals whose best interest is “YOU.”

Our objective is to provide the best strategies to achieving a healthy life with a strong emphasis on physical improvement, which has shown to lead to a stronger balance in all other areas of wellness. YOU WILL FIND...

we are also here so that you don’t feel like you’re on this road alone without anyone you can trust or talk to. We encourage active participation and relationship formation through our forums and testimonials. We also encourage you to connect with any featured professional.

But in the end, what makes sense for you? I am one of the best skeptics and critics when it comes to wellness knowledge, information sharing and advice. Simply because so much is unfounded or just not for me. With this in mind, the SkinDeep experience is designed to be as highly customizable as you need it to be. You can opt to receive as little or much information desired.

The only thing I can be sure of is that your heart is telling you to DO SOMETHING or you wouldn’t have read this far. Like me, you are now responsible for the “awakening” in you. We at SkinDeep are with you on your journey.